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My grandfather was and continues to be my hero and guiding light, he was brought back to life by the power of giving back. This is something I feel has also had a huge influence in my life. My mother continues my grandfather’s legacy of philanthropy and she has passed the torch to me.

Working with the Los Angeles LGBT center, setting up an art/jacket workshop and then gifting the jackets to the center.


Another organization I work with, and that my mother works with. We are very close with the head of it, Sarah Kate.

I intend to donate my BHH surfboard art piece entitled “An invitation to the sultan” and auction it at the next event.

Strike Oil Studio (aka  S.O.S.) , is a safe place for artists, creative, not the cool kids  but rather the ‘differents’ who I fully relate to and consider myself one of,  to express themselves whether through art, design, fashion, music, sports, making up new sports (example last night after a 6 hour photo shoot in the desert, myself and my roommate painted a flag and created ‘lacross basketball’ and currently are exploring this new sport in my kitchen where we set up the ‘court’).


I WANT SHIT TO FUCKING CHANGE. I want girls who feel more comfortable on a skateboard then with a barbie to still feel beautiful. I want ‘the differents’ to realize that they are the people that the cool kids come crawling to after high school and college. That being different isn’t bad, it’s our currency. That without the outcasts, marginalized, out-there, ‘crazy’ artsy ‘freaks’ losers weirdos etc, WE WOULD BE NOWHERE , CHANGE WOULD CEASE TO EXIST WITHOUT THESE PEOPLE. Yet in my experience, these people who are vital the growth of society, are the people who spend more time hating themselves and suffering at the hands of others and their own.